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The need for Queen Producers to use and benefit from Instrumental Insemination has grown enormously over the last few years. Too many seasons now Queens have been poorly mated only to find that they are superseded or fail early.

With Instrumental Insemination you can guarantee that the Queens receives the correct amount of semen and will head successful Honey producing colonies of Bees.

Studies have found that Instrumentally Inseminated Queen preform equally or better than naturally mated Queens.

You can also breed in traits that you are looking for such as Varroa Hygiene or gentleness.

Correctly trained and practiced you can inseminate up to 10 Queens per hour working an 8 hour day you have the possibility of producing around 80 mated Queens per day. This would give you an enormous saving on mating Nucs and the production of bees to fill them and easily justify any investment in time and equipment needed.

Many large scale Queen Producers from every continent on earth have visited us over the last few years we have been offering training and we are being told that they are now producing many   hundreds of the queens using Instrumental Insemination.


Key Benefits

  • Properly Mated Queens
  • Production Costs lowered
  • Ability to produce Varroa Hygienic Bees (VSH Breeder Queens)
  • Breeder Queen Production
  • Ability to boost production
  • To maintain strain purity

With practice and dedication you can Inseminate up to 10 Queens per hour.
Drone semen can be stored at room temperature for around 14 days with out any degradation so you can fit it in to you schedule.

On our courses we will cover everything you need to know to start you off on the correct path all in plain English that can be followed by all levels of experience.

The courses are 90% hands on as doing is the best way to learn. You will collect semen and Inseminate Queens during the two days your here.
We will cover all the aspects of hygiene and the importance of Drone rearing and selection pre and post Insemination care of Queens.  We use all modern up to date equipment at our purpose build Lab. We also advise the best places to buy equipment and the consumables you will need to suit your needs the best.

We also run Queen rearing courses that can be combined with our Instrumental Insemination Course.

II / AI has been used and gains recognition in all countries worldwide for many years, as the technique provides a means to control mating. Controlled mating is essential to achieve selective breeding.

There have been many studies that have shown that artificially inseminated queen bees have the same performance to naturally open mated queens.
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The II procedure can be a valuable aid to improve breeding stock or keep them pure.

It has also been used with successful results as a means of producing mated queens in areas where weather conditions are not favourable to produce mated Queens naturally

II / AI has been shown to produce highly successful results and provides substantial advantages in stock improvement that cannot be achieved through natural mating alone. It is also a fairly simple processes to breed in traits or maintain a level purity.

The investment needed can be high, but it can and is very successful in improving their breeding stock and be very rewarding.